Her Last Words

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Her Last WordsThese are the last words of a kid, who was killed in car accident. Please, read and think …

„Mom, I went out with friends. I went to a party and remembered what you said before I go: „Do not drink and drive.“ Therefore, I drank a Sprite. I felt proud of myself that I have obeyed your advice, and unlike many of my friends I was sober! I made my choice, and your words were sacred to me. When the party ended, people started to get on their cars, drunk. I was sure I am able to drive. Then, Mom, I could not even imagine what was going to happen. Something unexpected … Now I am here, just on the ground and can hear the police officers speaking: „The boy who ran into this car was drunk. Mom, the voices are so far…! My blood is everywhere and I am trying with all my strength not to cry. I can hear the doctors: „The girl will not survive. I’m sure Mom, that guy who hit me, did not want to hurt me. But why…? He was drunk, and I must die. Why life is so unfair, Mom? Why do people do it, knowing that they can take so many lives…? My pain is now huge, like a thousand knives are stuck in me. Mommy, tell my sister not to be afraid, tell daddy to be strong. And please, go to the boy, and give him an advice as you did to me. Maybe if his parents had told him the same you told me, now I would be alive, Mom! My breath weakens more and more and I’m starting to really fear. These are my last moments and I feel so alone. I want you to be here so much, Mom, while I am here on the ground, dying. I wanted to tell you so much, I love you Mom, I love you so much! I promise to take care of you, to be your guardian angel, to protect you as you did. Goodbye, Mom. “

These words were written by the journalist, who was on the scene. While dying, the girl was whispering these words.

Please spread this story in order to enable more people to see it. I hope it will make the majority of parents and children think about the consequences of their irresponsibility.

This post is thanks to Hristo Gavrilov, who pleased me, to publish this translation of the story.
He don’t live in Bulgaria, and would like as much people to see this story. The translation is made by him.
Thank you!


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30 април 2010, категория Да се замислим.
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